This luxury master bathroom features a large private bath tub inside a carved-detail wood. Fancy columns will give you the royalty feeling while the large window allows the natural light that offers a relaxing view and nature ambiance. The complex of the molding details harmonize well with the high-end look of the pleated window valances. The white accessories and the floral arrangements complete the spa-like ambiance.


The tub with in-line heater sits in a river-rock-filled, drained fibreglass pan.
A wood-textured porcelain tile floor follows the gentle curve of the tub and rock path.
A large walk-in shower and water closet are carved out of a former guest room closet.
Water tiles and a slide bar provide a rain shower and a traditional shower respectively.
The shower space is defined by a curved wall that contains a drained planter and shampoo storage.

when pulling together this compilation of the best bathrooms i was shocked at how many great ones people have shared in their sneak peeks. bathrooms usually don’t get much attention or fanfare, but this post is devoted to one of the more intimate spaces in your home and different ways you can spruce up your space. and don’t miss the second bathroom post (going up tomorrow!) devoted to bathrooms with gorgeous clawfoot tubs!

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen then there are definitely some steps that need to be taken. Firstly, choosing the right company for the job is one of the biggest decisions. Not only will this affect the price, but the quality and timescale of the job. Choosing certified companies for instance may be a better alternative than other traders.

Plumbing is a speciality, and not even your speciality bathroom supplier should be doing it himself. Superior plumbers can make sure that you evade the most expensive problems possible. This includes flooding, ripping out tiles to repair horrific plumbing at the back of the walls and leaks that can’t be found. How much will you accumulate by hiring a contractor who isn’t qualified in plumbing? The answer is, very little. Supplier hourly charges and plumber rates are not that dissimilar. Be adamant on hiring a qualified plumber.

Everybody wants the cheapest deals and low cost fixtures. When remodelling bathrooms, cost can be severely reduced by using low cost supplies and even leaving vital mechanisms. The thing is, superior supplies work better, longer lifespan and provide you with a much improved possibility of avoiding catastrophes – such as electrical issues.

There are so many elements to consider it can be mind-boggling – there are all the fittings, from baths and showers, to taps and sinks, vanity units and mirrors and then you’ve got to think about colour schemes and whether to go for a contemporary or traditional style. We’ve handily collated all our favourite bathroom ideas for your delectation. Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house so it’s wise to include as much storage as possible, you always own more pots, tubes and bottles than you think and these are so much better stashed away in orderly fashion. Although white bathrooms can look ever so smart it’s important to make sure they don’t feel too clinical. Why not go for a cosy combination of wallpaper and colourful tiles? After all, a bathroom should be a retreat, the place you can sink into a deep bubble bath at the end of a long day….

Remodelling bathrooms can be extremely costly. There are a quantity of costly trades concerned (joinery, plumbing, electricians, setting of tiles) and a number of pricey supplies.  So, make certain you are not paying too much.  Find a business or supplier that has a proficient procedure ensuing in fewer days. Labour is mainly the most costly section. Enquire by your remodeler how extensive the job would take comparative to the trade standard.